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Linda  Stark

Linda Stark

Linda had successfully managed her own assets throughout her career. As retirement approached, she faced a new challenge: she had no idea how to transition from building assets to spending them responsibly. The stress of this kept her up at night, and she desperately wanted someone to take care of her finances, regardless of the cost.

When Linda came to us, we started by conducting a comprehensive review of her financial situation and understanding her goals for retirement. We discovered that she had been paying high fees on her mutual fund investments, which were eating into her returns. There was also a very high concentration in certain investments that created unnecessary risk.

Our team developed a customized retirement plan for Linda, focusing on a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy and optimizing her investment portfolio. By switching to lower-cost investment options and rebalancing her assets, we were able to reduce her risk and overall expenses significantly.

To Linda's surprise, she actually ended up saving money by delegating the management of her finances to our team, despite her initial willingness to pay more for the service. With a clear plan in place, Linda no longer had to worry about managing her finances and could instead focus on enjoying her retirement.

Now, with the peace of mind that her finances are in professional hands, Linda has been able to embark on her long-awaited travels, explore new hobbies, and spend more time with friends and family. By entrusting her financial management to our team, Linda has gained the confidence to embrace her retirement, knowing that her financial future is secure and well-planned.