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John   and Karen

John and Karen

John, in his late 50s, had been managing his family's finances for years. He took care of not only his and his wife Karen's investments, but also those of his mother-in-law. While John initially enjoyed the challenge, he gradually lost the passion for it and wanted to focus on other pursuits in his life.

During our first meeting, John revealed his desire to spend more time traveling, playing golf, and volunteering at a local non-profit. He also expressed concern about the efficiency of his withdrawal strategy for their retirement accounts.

After a thorough analysis of John's investment strategy and the family's financial situation we discovered that his withdrawal strategy was indeed inefficient, potentially subjecting them to higher taxes and reducing the overall value of their nest egg.

We worked closely with John to develop a more tax-efficient strategy, ensuring that he, Karen, and his mother-in-law would have a comfortable retirement. We implemented a combination of Roth conversions, strategic withdrawals from different account types, and tax-loss harvesting to minimize their tax liability.

In addition to optimizing their retirement strategy, we also helped John and Karen adjust their legacy plan. They decided to provide more financial support to their children now, rather than leaving them a larger inheritance later. This shift allowed John and Karen to enjoy seeing the positive impact of their support on their children's lives in real-time.

With their finances now managed by our team, John has been able to dedicate more time to his passions. He and Karen have enjoyed several memorable trips, and he has significantly improved his golf game. As an active volunteer, John has made a meaningful impact on his local community. His mother-in-law, now in her 80s, has peace of mind knowing her finances are being professionally managed, allowing her to maintain her lifestyle.

By entrusting their financial management to us, John has reclaimed his time and energy to focus on what truly matters to him and his family, while also optimizing their financial strategy to secure a comfortable future for everyone.