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Jim   and Susan

Jim and Susan

Jim and Susan, aged 65 and 63 respectively, came to us for advice about their social security benefits after working with a "financial advisor" for over thirty years. This advisor mostly discussed his own retirement plans and pitched annuity income ideas in their last meeting, rather than addressing their concerns. Susan worked in HR, while Jim was a dentist.

In our first meeting, it became clear that they had been working with a salesman, not an advisor. They had lost passion for their careers and felt they were missing out on life events. They wanted the freedom to do what they wanted, whenever they wanted. What they didn't realize was that they could have retired comfortably two years earlier.

Six months after our first conversation, Jim and Susan were enjoying a family vacation with their children and grandchildren, celebrating their retirement. They hadn't yet started receiving social security income but knew when it would begin. They now had a clear understanding of their income sources, investments, and had implemented a Roth-conversion strategy to optimize their tax situation.

Since working with us, Jim and Susan have reduced their investment expenses by 30%. They now know what their investments are intended to do, and they have a financial plan that aligns with their goals.

Jim's recent call about affording a new shed for his woodworking hobby showed that their primary concerns had shifted from investments to enjoying their retirement to the fullest.