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Individual approaches to finance

Who we serve best

At our firm, we have identified delegators as the clients we serve best through our years of experience serving individuals with different approaches to personal finance. Our refined process focuses on providing these clients with the highest level of value.

For clarity, we have categorized individuals into three groups: delegators, do-it-yourselfers, and collaborators.


Delegators are individuals who have made the conscious decision to hire a trusted advisor to handle their finances, freeing them to focus on other areas of their lives. They may be capable of doing it themselves or collaborating, but they would rather delegate these tasks to a trusted advisor. Our services are best suited for delegators, as our process is hands-on, allowing clients to be hands-off, and our expertise covers all areas necessary to align money with their values and interests.

Our slogan, "Plan in Decades. Think in Years. Live in the Moment," reflects our approach of planning for the long-term so clients can live in the present.


Do-it-yourselfers typically prefer to handle their finances independently and enjoy doing their own research, staying up to date on policy changes and trends, and are capable of avoiding emotional decisions when it comes to managing their finances.

Some do-it-yourselfers prefer to start with a planning-only advisor to build a foundation for their financial plan, and then implement and monitor it themselves. Others prefer to start from scratch and do everything independently through research and educational seminars. The do-it-yourself approach allows individuals to have more control over their finances, but also requires more time, effort, and discipline to stay informed and make sound financial decisions.


Collaborators are individuals who have a clear understanding of their financial goals and know what financial products they need to achieve them. They are proactive in mapping out and monitoring their financial plan, but prefer to rely on the expertise of specialists when it comes to the due diligence and implementation of specific investments or insurance. They are best served by working with salespeople who can fulfill their product needs, such as a life insurance agent or an investment broker. When changes arise in their financial plan, they are proactive in reaching out to specialists again to make necessary adjustments.

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