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At Grey Fox, we provide assistance in the following areas

For Individuals & Families...

Retirement Income Planning

When can I retire? Am I saving enough? How do I replace my paycheck in retirement? How much can I spend in retirement? Can I afford to switch careers? What happens if...

Investment Planning

How do I invest my money when I retire? In what order should I spend my assets?

Estate Planning

How can I protect what I leave to my kids? How do I control what happens to my assets when I'm not here?

Insurance Planning

Do I have the right amount of insurance? What is Long-Term Care Insurance? What health insurance do I need? What Medicare options should I elect?

Social Security Planning

When should I take social security?

Products we offer

Traditional & Roth IRAs

Mutual Funds

Investment Portfolio Strategies

Annuities (Fixed, Income, Indexed, and Variable)

Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

Health Insurance

For Businesses...

      Retirement Plans

      401(k) & 403(b) Plans

      SEPs & SIMPLE IRA Plans

      Pension Plans


      Nonqualified deferred compensation plans

      Group Insurance

      Disability, Life, Health, Dental, & Vision

      Owner & Executive Solutions

      Exit Planning

      Buy-Sell Strategies

      Buy-Sell Review

      Informal Business Valuation

      Transfer Strategies

      Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP)

      Business protection

      Key Person Insurance (for life and disability)

      Overhead Expense Insurance

      Stay Bonus

      ESOP Repurchase

      Key Employee Benefits

      Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

      Compensation Design

      Executive Bonus Plans